Song of the Day: Tu Presencia es el Cielo Para Mi

The guy I’m talking to is a Spanish pastor and the most amazing thing is that on our first conversation I told him I couldn’t speak spanish and tried to say the handful of words that I know and they clearly where horrible but then I said “but I did sing a duet in spanish before.” This piqued his interest and so I sang it to him and he was floored. Apparently although I cannot speak spanish, I can actually sing it fairly well. Although this is clearly NOT me below, I love the English version of this song (Your Presence is Heaven to Me by Israel and the New Breed) and learned today how to sing the Chorus and Bridge in Spanish. Do I know for sure that he and I are going to work out? I have no clue. All I do know is that it feels like a miracle of God that although I cannot speak Spanish and never had a lesson in my life, I can sing it. So let this song just minister to you now. His presence, God’s presence is heaven. Let your soul rest in the assurance that “In my weakness [He] is merciful.” Know that He is the redeemer of our past and present wrongs, and the holder of our future days to come. 🙂

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