My Prince Of Peace


This weekend You did an amazing thing. You sent not only one but TWO people who did not know each other or what I would face to tell me that You, Jesus, want to be my peace. Lord, although my world is swirling, although I’m tired and I miss the new guy SO much- just two days and I miss him even though he has texted a little and left me voice messages because he knew I’d miss his voice- I know that You are God. I know that You truly can be my Prince of Peace if I will let you.  The death of a childhood friend, the death of a patient unrelated to medical conditions but with such violence… my world is swirling. I just need Your peace to envelop me. Envelop me with Your love Jesus, my world is swirling and I only feel the weight of the next few weeks already. I basically will not stop until the 25th because this weekend I’m driving hours to go see Rebekah A. and spend time with her and her roommate in NYC for my birthday and then I work from the 7th to the 25th. Lord, give me peace. Prince of Peace I call on You now. Decrease my stress, increase my energy. I need You now more than ever and the month hasn’t even started.

I know You can be my Prince of Peace Jesus,

Rebekah M.

3 thoughts on “My Prince Of Peace

  1. As you continue to seek the face of Jesus, He will be your Peace, strength and comfort during this difficult time. Allow this time of turmoil and upheaval to draw you deeper and deeper into the heart of Jesus as you are doing. Christ is glorified and you are a witness to so many of His love, grace, mercy and faithfulness! 🙂

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