The Fruit Just Happens

I have been very disheartened lately by the new TV show Preachers of LA. I haven’t watched it. I probably won’t, so if the previews are misleading and the show is actually a positive thing for Christianity, someone be sure to let me know. I saw a preview, and this was more than enough to keep me away, in which one of them was driving a fancy car and another had a baby out of wedlock. I heard a quote saying “it’s ok to be saved, sanctified, and sexual” (the pastor saying it is a single man). Yikes. Lord have mercy on the Christians of California! I have many atheist/agnostic friends and this show seems like such a misrepresentation of who Christ is and what Christianity means. I keep thinking how difficult it is to witness to my friends, and how this is just reinforcing every negative idea they had about the church. And in their case, salvation is absolutely at stake….this show literally has the power to trade salvation for its own bottom line. Souls for money. Heartbreaking. Humanity has stooped to a new low.

So I have been bummed out about that, and also suffering a major case of writers’ blog, when my hope was officially renewed by this one clip. I was listening to this (Heidi Baker giving a word) today, and it really resonated with me. It doesn’t matter what happens to us and what suffering we go through (in her case, malaria and being shot at – yikes!); there is joy, pure joy, in his presence. Moving in our own strength is exhausting. Moving in Him is beautiful intimacy. Intimacy is the goal. Falling in love with Him all over again, falling deeper and deeper, is the goal. And the fruit just happens. In Him, in His holy and infinite presence, love bears fruit. So today my prayer is simply this: Lord, draw me in.

9 thoughts on “The Fruit Just Happens

  1. I came across your site and saw what you wrote about that reality show of LA Preachers. This is what I shared on my facebook page concerning it. Some of these so called pastors have gone to far…last night as I was browsing the television I saw this reality show about Preachers of LA. To my surprised I could not figure out why and the wworld would pastor be apart of a reality show. As I watched the last ten minutes of the show I have three words for it ” A HOT MESS. They was discussing should a pastor get paid for being invited to speak at a church, the one singer who spoke up said “that Jesus never charged anyone money for the gospel.” why do we charge? He also said before these pastors became pastors they didn’t have no entourage it was just them and the Lord. Don’t get me wrong here I am not saying all pastors are like this. What I am saying is I don’t think it is right for a Man of God to get on TV and do a reality show. To me it is a mockery..Just my thoughts…

    I know reality shows are what Hollywood calls entertainment but don’t we get enough entertainment in the pulpit on Sundays from these so called pastors?

  2. Being an Aussie I don’t know the program. However, despite that was still moved by your post, I want to join with you in that same prayer: “Lord draw me in – I want to be where you are. To have intimacy with you, to know your heart, to move where you move, to hear you and touch you. I want to fall deeply in love with you. Let my life be an expression of your love God.” Amen

  3. I have no idea about the show you mention since I don’t watch television, but I do have an idea about this:

    “Moving in our own strength is exhausting. Moving in Him is beautiful intimacy.”

    though I forget it often. I thank you for the reminder.

  4. While, as presented above, we can make a case, even a strong LDS doctrinal and terminology case, for saying, “I am saved,” this would not be a proper answer to our Christian friends. As Brother Millet points out, we really don’t mean the same thing! This question is then an opportunity to explore this difference.

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