Song of the Day: Praise Him with the Dance

So I’ve taken to waking up in the morning and worshiping God.  I’m missing Mr. Guy a LOT lately. We’ve both been busy and he doesn’t like talking to me when it’s late at my time (he’s 3hrs behind) because he doesn’t want to take away from my sleep- although I’ll be honest, it just makes me sleep even less. I miss his voice and much more importantly, I miss praying WITH him. We’ve prayed for each other but it’s probably been about 2 weeks or so since we’ve actually prayed together over the phone/videochat and I miss it. Part of me even feels like what was special about “us” is gone if we don’t pray together.

In all of it though, I feel God just say to me “in time My child, in time. Trust ME with your heart and know that no matter what, it is safe with ME. I will never forsake you, I will never leave you.  Trust that I know all things and so long as you don’t move unless I say so, either towards or away from him, it will all be okay. Just follow Me.”

And so I wake up and worship Him in dance. I dance before Him in my bedroom before the sun rises and I thank Him and worship Him because everything is in His hands. Do I always 100% feel it? nope. But I do believe that just my doing so helps me feel and believe it more 🙂 God is GOOD! God knows everything I need! God will bless as He wants to bless!

Thank You Jesus!

Praising You in the dance,

Rebekah M.

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Praise Him with the Dance

    • yes 🙂 Although I do feel that when our world feels like it is crumbling apart, that is when our dancing and praising is the most beautiful to God. 🙂 No always easy and sometimes it takes a LOT of prayer support (like what all the readers and my family and friends have done for me in the past few weeks!), but I truly do believe in the beauty of praising/worshiping Him in the midst of the storm 🙂

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