Sowing Your Seeds

We as Christians are very often called to put others before ourselves. We are called to consider everyone else as more important than ourselves. And it seems that most of us, if not all of us, are in a constant state of being busy.

We’re even spiritually busy. We pray for this person, we intercede for that person. We stand with God and sow His seeds and pray into His will. And that’s great. But how often do we take time to sit before Him and sow into our own relationship with Him? To let Him pour out His love upon us? To receive it, and then turn around and pour it out onto everyone else?

We need to do this if we are going to come into the fullness of our spiritual identities. Miracles, major miracles, were once considered to be the mere foundation of Christianity. Today there are many who doubt they can even happen, believe they can happen but have never witnessed one themselves.

As a Christian, I think that’s unacceptable. We’re settling for less than what God intended for us. So I ask you today to sit before Him and sow the seeds of your own relationship with Him.  He is your Father, your Creator, your Groom. We the Church are His bride and body. It is time to act like it. And it starts today. So let Him plant some new seeds in you. Let Him give you a new song in your heart, and a new strength in your spirit. Stand with Him and let Him pour into you – that you may pour out as He intended.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

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