Continued Prayer Request

So God has truly renewed and strengthened me to some extent and I thank you all VERY much for your prayers!!! But things are still not right between the guy and I… he hasn’t told me we’re done, but he also hasn’t talked to me all week. I truly feel as if he is under spiritual attack and brushing off my “I’m praying for you!” and “sow into God and refresh yourself in Him” as me freaking out about the “relationship” and trying to connect with him. That is not my intention.

However, I feel God say that this man needs prayer. He is under heavy spiritual attack disguised as other things. I can’t even see it clearly when I pray, I just know that Satan is trying to tear him down and convince him to push away the very person who is praying and seeking God on his behalf.

Readers, pray for me! For wisdom and discernment. To only speak and write when God says to. Also please ask God to help this man who is talking to Rebekah M. Ask Jesus to reach down with His love and mercy and bring him back to a place of sowing into God. Sowing with his time and his effort and his mind on the things that God wants him to. I get the sense that he is in “Martha mode” right now and not even seeing that until he sows in the fields God has already prepared, he is only sowing in places where all his efforts will be fruitless because they are overgrown with weeds. I feel like he is beating the air fighting for the wrong things when God will renew and revive him when he starts sowing where God wants.

Pray readers! Please pray!!!!

In Him

Rebekah M.

One thought on “Continued Prayer Request

  1. Praying for you and for him, Rebekah.
    My current favorite verse? Isaiah 41:10. A hymn to stand alongside? “How Firm a Foundation.” My suggestion? Meditate on one or both.
    Grace and peace.

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