Calling Any Book Worms: Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Hello All You Dear Readers!

I have felt so strongly that this month, God wants me to learn how to dig into a well that is “where the God who sees me” dwells. This well is called Promise. I’ll elaborate more about it in another post, but feel free to research into Genesis chpt 26 if you’re curious.

In the mean time, my workplace has a kiosk where you can pick up your prescription medication at any hour of the day (ideal for this little intern who may work day or night shift depending on the day). When I went to pick up one that I desperately needed (for my asthma), it wasn’t there! Without grumbling or anger I stopped on by the pharmacy after a 15hr shift overnight and they ended up being able to fill a different prescription that I was dropping off in only a few minutes. I decided to take the time to look around and there was a book that stood out to me.

I have been seeking peace. Not only were there two people who prophesied that over me before October began, but I have felt the need to seek after God- the God who speaks peace into my life.  It is written in the first person as if God is speaking directly to the reader’s heart and many times it feels exactly like that to me. I have devoured multiple day’s worth of reading already and I cannot wait to keep seeing what else God wants to say to my heart. It is my goal to have some quiet time with Jesus daily to meditate on the things I have read.

So for any of you who are looking for a new devotional- I highly recommend this one. Join me on a year long journey into finding yourself restored, renewed, and at peace in Him daily.

Rebekah M.

10 thoughts on “Calling Any Book Worms: Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

  1. A friend have me this book almost 2 years ago when I was moving out of state. It is a very “big” book in a tiny package … Meaning it has the potential to move people’s hearts big if they dive into it from a relationship standpoint. It’s like conversations with Jesus. 🙂
    So glad you found it. Melt into it.

    • Thanks Heather! I’m also journaling about my daily read too 🙂 it’s pretty amazing how God can expand a concept 🙂 I’ll probably do multiple posts about some of them throughout the year 🙂

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