Vessel of Glass

I know that so often we are told we are vessels of clay that God molds as He will and if we will just allow Him and stop fighting the potter we will be the most beautiful pieces of art the world has ever seen. However, I keep feeling this concept more and more that a parallel concept is one that we are one of glass. Paul says we see through a glass darkly and the Bible says that we are the light of the world. We are the reflection of Christ.

So as I was before my Jesus this morning praying about something that was trying to tear me down, I re-felt God talk to me about the concept that this world just keeps trying to throw mud on me. As a vessel of glass, one where Christ is what is within me, when I am wiped clean, He can shine forth. When accusations from this world cover me with shame, guilt, a feeling of worthlessness, or more I can either let God wipe me off, or keep trying to do things on my own.

worshipI’m going to be honest, as I kept praying I felt God flood me with joy and an assurance that my future promises would come- just not today. I began to just spin in a circle in my room, worshiping the One who made me, laughing, smiling, SO filled with His love. As I did, I believe that some of that gunk from this world- telling me that I’m ugly from the inside out, that I’m worthless- started flying off.

When we worship Him, our focus becomes on Him- the wondrous, perfect God who made us perfect in His eyes. Yes we can be flawed, yet when we accept Him and seek after Him with all we have, accepting every part of His Word and living by it as best we can, HE fills in our gaps! HE fills in the flaws! HE is what makes us perfect in His sight! Wow! What a wonderful, amazing God we serve!!!

So dear readers,

Don’t accept the lies of the enemy today. You are of SUCH  a great worth! You are SO beloved of Him who died for our sins! Jesus came so that you might have life and life more abundantly. Believe in faith, praise Him, worship Him and find yourself cleansed and so transparent that you shine for Him like never before for you will be a vessel bearing HIS light. Find, as I did this morning, joyously dancing before Him in His presence, assured that He has good things for your future if you’ll just allow Him to remove the stains and accusations of this world from you.

I love You SO much Jesus, thank You for Your cleansing power,

Rebekah M.

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