Slow Progress

So, the last time I posted, I hadn’t seen Bradley (a homeless man who’s been on my heart all fall) at all. Now I see him almost regularly again – which is amazing and I totally count it as progress – but he’s always asleep.  I leave things for him – food, mostly – but I don’t wake him up. I would think that sleep on the streets is tough to come by and I never have the heart to wake him. But at least he’s there. I’m still just trusting God to move in this.

To be honest, the waiting game is a bit frustrating. I was so sure that God wanted me to move on this, and move now. It felt like it was meant to be now. And posting publicly about visions that God had given me, posting what He wanted me to do, and then having no results to show for it…..felt almost like I was letting God down somehow. Like I was hurting His credibility for the masses. I know that that’s not possible really. God is bigger than this. But still, that’s how it feels – like I’m doing something wrong and I don’t know what.

So I’m trying to wait patiently (fairly successfully) and cheerfully (not so successfully), and just trusting God to work and to move. He can and I know it. So I’m trying to just let Him and praying that He gives me grace to wait!

God bless!

~Rebekah A

5 thoughts on “Slow Progress

    • He gave me some visions on basically how He wanted me to witness to this man Bradley, a homeless man I kept crossing paths with. And gave me some specific steps. Which I needed, because Bradley is fairly convinced that Christianity was just a conspiracy. I actually wasn’t planning to actively witness to him at all, just be his friend when I saw him – a ‘love in action’ type of thing. Cause God is love, you know? And if I could just love on him wherever I could….maybe he’d feel God’s peace through that. But God has been showing me He wants me to take it further than that…..and I felt some urgency over it, and I thought it was supposed to be now. But since that point, I haven’t seen Bradley nearly as often, and every time I HAVE seen him he’s been asleep. The timeline just isn’t as fast as I thought it would be. We’ll see what God does!

  1. There is no harm in speaking out visions even if they don’t happen in our timing, it is really important for us to pray. When I get visions I spend a lot of time praying them into ‘being’. I believe a lot of visions from God are God revealing His heart to us, in order to help prepare our hearts and mind for His purpose. So when I pray, I speak them out; I liken it to speaking out God’s truth, and breaking through demonic strongholds. In my prayers I seek God to reveal anything that is preventing and inhibiting His perfect will and plan. I know from reading your past posts that you have a beautiful prayer life with God. I pray that God would bring an increase in intimacy with Him because of this event. I also pray against any discouragement that you may feel. May God reveal His perfect will and for you to find peace in him. You have such a beautiful heart for Jesus. Blessings xx

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