Finding My Way

God is truly calling on my heart. I cannot explain how or why I keep getting the sense that love is going to blindside me. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just keep feeling Jesus call me to just trust and believe Him when He tells me to just forget it all and just follow Him with abandon. To just give it all over to Him and watch as He just pours the blessings in… when I’m ready. Praying together for the first time in a long time with my prayer partner tonight felt SO good and right. I have missed that. I need her in my life. I think we need each other. I know one day God will also bring a man who will also be a prayer partner to me… but I’m glad I’m learning the foundations of joint prayer now 🙂

I encourage you all now- find a trusted confidant where you can “confess your sins one to another” and pray the darkness out of each other’s lives.  She is my lifeline when I do not have the strength to pray myself.  This journey truly is better when you have someone else to help lighten the load 🙂 It is sometimes easier to pray for her problems than it is mine… but hearing her pray with me over the phone over the things that get to me helps me come to a place of truly placing them in His hands.


May we all find our way in You with companions by our side to help lift each other’s burdens.  May we find peace and rest in You. May we see our dreams and promises reborn and renewed like in Ezekiel 37- the valley of the dry bones.  Help us help each other find our individual paths in You.

Rebekah M.

One thought on “Finding My Way

  1. Hi Rebekah
    Your are the first blog with the exact same theme as mine (bouquet). Following Jesus is such a personal relationship, but we do need to shoulder one another’s burdens. How does the Proverb say. A three string cord doesn’t break easily.
    Blessings XX

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