First Resort

I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while now.  I think so often when people are sick, many times prayer is the last resort. Yes, we might pray a cursory “bless them Lord,” but how many truly bring even a regular cold to God? I know that some think “why need we bother God with such little things” but I guess my question is “why not?” He truly loves us. He wants our best. Why wouldn’t He want to go through even sickness with us. If not curing us on the spot, I know He’ll at least bring comfort.

So next time we’re sick (I’m saying this to myself too), let’s try God FIRST 🙂

Rebekah M.

2 thoughts on “First Resort

  1. Rebekah, how right you are. We all grew up in a place where we learned to rely on our own strength. When we become believers, we suddenly become the cherished child of a loving Father who has already proven that He will do anything for us. It can be a scary transition from trusting ourselves to take care of us to trusting Him to take care of us. The truth, however, is that we could never take care of ourselves as well as He takes care of us. And oh, how much He enjoys taking care of us and simply loving the stuffing out of us. 🙂

  2. Enjoy your blog even though I am a bloke! (aussie term). So greetings from down under. As regards your exhortation re sickness might I add there have been innumerable times that cold, flu and other bugs have dissipated when I have not only prayed to the Lord but aggressively rebuked them – many of them are natural but are reinforced with ‘spirits of infirmity’. I suffer a lot more when I dont ‘resist the devil’ and as many can testify much sickness today is certainly. ‘devilish’.

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