Parable of the Seagull

This Sunday my pastor preached on The Parable of the Seagull. In it he spoke about how he had gone fishing once and they ended up getting a seagull caught on the end of their line. It was brought aboard the ship and they tried to free it but the bird fought against them. It continued to peck at their hands as they were trying to unwrap the line from around it’s neck. It fought as they tried to work the hook out. All it was registering was it was in pain, it was tangled up, and some thing was working on it. Finally, when the bird was too tired to fight any longer, they were able to finally slowly unwrap the line from around it’s neck, get the hook out, and let the bird go.

So often, we fight the Savior’s hand on our lives. We fight Him trying to unwrap us from the things we have tangled ourselves in. We have allowed the world to place hooks in us and try to run away from the One who can get out the very thing that is hurting us.

I have fought the Savior’s hand. I have been angry and hurt by the things this world has done to me and by things I have tangled myself up in. However, every time, God has gently, lovingly, and patiently worked with me. He wants me free. He wants YOU free. Free to live in Him. Let us all stop fighting the loving hand that is trying to save us and learn from the seagull.

Trying not to fight His hand,

Rebekah M

5 thoughts on “Parable of the Seagull

  1. Hi Rebekah
    I have found that people sometimes don’t know how much God loves them and only want to save them. That is the reason they fight like the seagull. If the seagull knew your pastor and his friends wanted to free them, I think he wouldn’t have put up a fight in the first place. For a long time I was like this.
    Blessings XX

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