Journeying into the New Year

2013 has brought many ups and downs.  I started the year off wrong with being in an unofficial relationship with someone that God CLEARLY did not want me dating.  Unequally yoked and conflicted like crazy, God sent a prophet to warn my parents and thus began nightly prayer meetings with my family over videochat that became invaluable to me.  I soon broke things off and found a place of repentance.  I graduated from medical school and soon embarked on the journey of being an intern doctor- known by many as the hardest year as a physician. God has been so faithful and none of my patients have died on my watch except when family has withdrawn care or they were essentially dead on arrival. During early fall a friend of friends expressed interest in me and we quickly acknowledged a connection that made no sense but felt SO real. One month was amazing, one month full of frustration. He walked away with only a word of apology for being a jerk to me and then a “can I call you some time?” I never received that call.  God used him and what he did though to buffer me- to allow a painful time to make me shine brighter and more clearly for Him. Related posts:  (all “vision” posts have links to each other)

I end this year seeing that this blog, once having daily content has missed MANY days and seeing that just like this blog, other aspects of my spiritual life have been neglected as well.  Some may not see how posting on a blog would be a spiritual thing, but I have felt from the beginning that this blog was a ministry that God put in my hands. To live life as an open book in an anonymous format so that I could freely pour out my heart. I called two other friends across america to join me and we are soon to embark on year 2 of this blog with close to 900 followers and quickly nearing 90,000 views.

Our highest viewed post called for prayer for a woman who’s father put her into prostitution and who is now baptized in Jesus name and has a new life that only God Himself could have orchestrated.  The power of her story still touches me to this day and I am so grateful to God that Rebekah L not only shared this painful, raw part of herself to call for prayer for someone who wronged her, but her grace in it all truly reflects His Grace and love for us all. Related:

Our NYC sister Rebekah A has continued on her journey in the city that never sleeps. Although it has been a bit since we have heard from her, God is still at her side and I know she is doing well.  She will be back in God’s timing. For now, her days (weds and fridays) await her weekly 🙂  Her posts reflected deep journeying into herself to connect with God on a deeper level. Through the connection, God would lead her to say and do things such as reaching out to Bradley- a homeless man.  Please pray for God to continue to help her reach Bradley and her roommate. Related posts:

All in all, this year has been quite full! God has certainly been with us all and I know He has been with you all too 🙂  May you feel His love flowing over you. May You know His light in the deepest parts of your heart. May we all strive to do better and live better through Him in this following year. Most of all… come quickly Lord for the days are evil and we long to see You face to face 🙂

In Him,

Rebekah M.

One thought on “Journeying into the New Year

  1. Thank you for your postings and the testimonies. Indeed the year 2013 was a significant year of positive change for many who sought and encountered the Lord and Savior Jesus. Continue to press upward for the divine calling you (pleural) have received!

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