Praise in the Land of Promise

I want to say that I am living in the land of Praise and walking in my promises but all I truly can say right now is that I am fully exhausted and beyond burnt out. In my heart I want to say that I hold to the promises God has given to me, but in my moment I am just trying to survive- multiple patients to see and yet stuck because the one that needs to take precedence is in testing right now and so here I sit with a second to spare and in my heart I want to reach for living in the land of promise.  I know that God has my promises. I know that there is a God Who Sees Me, but the exhaustion… so many hours of working and then when I do have time to sleep it’s the middle of the day and the sunshine keeps me awake.


Help me live in Your land of Promise by praising my way through it all.

Rebekah M.

One thought on “Praise in the Land of Promise

  1. Difficult as it may be to see in the moment, God’s plan for all who call on His Name is to honor the Temple He made of us when we became saved. I repeatedly made the terrible mistake of believing that God’s call on my life meant ignoring the needs of my body which had dreadful effects on me and my wife and son.
    When I changed tack and took care of The Temple, God honored me and my family better and now I honor Him with my body better than I ever did, even when I’m ill.
    I pray you find that rest you need and honor Him as He has honored you with a wonderful calling. Amen?

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