Prayer of Hope

I was starting to lose hope. Hope that God can provide me with not only what I need, but even some of the things I want in a guy. Hope that God will provide above and beyond all that I ask or think. Yet tonight on my drive in to work, I had a moment, one where I poured out my heart. I chose to hope. To not give up on the idea that God can give better than this world can give.  That guy from a year ago, he recently started texting me again, I never initiate conversation, but I hate feeling rude and ignoring him. However, I see now that it’s allowed in my life to see- who will I choose? God and His hope or to allow the world make me believe that God cannot offer BETTER than what the world can.


Recently You have had multiple people speak messages of holding on to hope into my life. I believe that this is because You knew what was brewing. Although I did not see it, You knew that the guy from a year ago would try to start contacting me again and in my sadness over the loss of the other guy… but here I sit and re-consecrate my belief that You can give me better than this world can. That You love me and that I have hope in You. Help me to just let go and seek after You with abandon. I love You Jesus and I thank You.

Rebekah M.

2 thoughts on “Prayer of Hope

  1. My husband has a job that he is very grateful for, but which many days requires the impossible from him and his bosses are demeaning. Because he truly believes that he is there by God’s hand he starts each day by reaffirming and claiming the truth from Psalms: This IS the day the Lord has made (good, bad, and horrible), I WILL rejoice and be glad in it. It doesn’t make things any easier, but it has shaped his attitude for the best and helped his testimony. Blessings.

  2. Perhaps God knows you’re shopping for the wrong thing in the wrong department…

    I know too many sad stories of those now bound in “till death do we part” covenant relationship (if they continue faithful) who pursued what they wanted because they knew what they needed with the stubborn attitude that the whole world was just going to have to accept it and God to bless it… not realizing they were going to be held obligated to make it work even though it was the consummation of nothing more than temptation embraced, a relationship just like Ishmael, born of the flesh and not in the wisdom and will of God.

    A real man of God wants a woman of God who knows how to trust and patiently wait on the Lord. Let God make you the woman for the man He has for you.

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