Sermon Sunday: Standing at the Crossroads

So my friend’s pastor is one of my favorite preachers and their church has ALL their sermons dating back to 2008 on their website free to listen! This recent sermon from Sunday 1/19/14 reiterates to me just how important it is to continually seek God on EVERY step of our lives.  There are some trivial ones where I do not believe either one will affect the ultimate outcome of your life (what color to wear, which phone to get, etc) but even those can be used by God for the unexpected when we give it to Him.  More importantly, as this preacher keeps saying in the sermon:

There is a way that seemeth right… (but the end thereof is destruction)

We must seek Him at the crossroads because He sees beyond the current situation and knows what option is the best for us to choose. He knows which way leads to victory. He is our champion- if we’ll seek Him to be so!

Thank You Jesus… don’t pass us by without letting us grab Your hand to follow,

Rebekah M.

3 thoughts on “Sermon Sunday: Standing at the Crossroads

  1. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that God actually wants to be invited into the small things in your life. We don’t like to burden other people with the tiny things like which color should I wear or which phone should I get, but God looks at those things as opportunities to show us how much He loves us. There are no small things to God. All of our things are big things to Him.

  2. So very true sister in the Lord. It is very important to pray without ceasing as a standard of always talking to Our Friend(Jesus) about the things in your life. I try very hard in my walk to: “be a friend of God” as it is said about David in the bible. I want my wants to be diminished and the Lord’s direction to be augmented in my life; in all things possible. I know that I am going to fail sometimes; but I know my Lord knows the motive of the heart and therefore His grace and mercy will exceed. Great post!

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