Mood Music

This morning I woke up almost an hour before I wanted to leave for work (2hrs before I had to be there) and turned on some music and just worshiped my Jesus. There are so many things that clamor for our attention… sometimes even just physical exhaustion. Last week I was on a family vacation and it was SO refreshing for me- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  We spent Saturday night riding the church bus (literally a former school bus painted blue) with over 50 other individuals praying over the bus route and all the hundreds of families along the way who didn’t know the One who loves them more than life itself and sought Him who can do all things- that His loves would reach them. That those who were ready would have “appointments” set up by Jesus where they’d end up being witnessed to.

This morning, part of it was a cleansing prayer over something that a root of bitterness was trying to grow in me about, part of it was seeking Him to also reach my city here in the middle of America, and part of it was just worshiping at His feet before His throne. My home prayers have lately been SO hard to fight through but the music… it just brought me there.

Dear readers,

If you need some help in private prayer time perhaps you too should try adding some “mood music.” Music can set the stage for all kinds of things- good and bad. Let this be a case for good. Let this be a case where it draws you in to His throne room and reminds you of His wonders and wonderful ways.  May it bless you.

Rebekah M.

P.S. here’s a nice song that I’m learning for our Easter special since I’m in charge of the music 🙂

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