Riding the Tide

These last few weeks have been SO busy. I am on our inpatient currently which means long hours and having to work even while at home for a few hours… but I know God is faithful!  Between getting the actors ready to act and sing for the Easter skit, this new guy, and work I feel overwhelmed at times but this God has shown me the last few weeks:

1) I need to remember that I am a light EVERY where and to EVERYONE- coworkers, strangers, patients alike- I am either shining His light, or distorting it. Lord, may I truly reflect ONLY Your light!

2) His love and mercy extend beyond all I deserve- it is about direction. If you are headed towards Christ- His grace extends beyond all limits to you. If you are running away (or sometimes just slinking away, testing the boundaries), His grace cannot always cover the consequences of your actions (past or present)

3) In truly learning to leave “my future husband” in His hands for the first time in my life, there is freedom. I don’t know if this newest guy is “the one” . . . but I am certainly enjoying the learning process of what I do and do not like and making  a conscious effort to notice it all. I appreciate him more because of things that I liked and did not like from my past relationships. Is he perfect? No. ha ahaa! but he is certainly sweet and attentive- which I have learned I need. Moreover, I truly believe that his direction is towards Christ. The question of can he be my spiritual leader is still hanging in the air, but I will wait until we hang out for the first time since we switched out of “just friends” mode and see what happened… some days I’m glad he’s 10 hours away because I am just that busy, and some days I curse it haa haa


Help me ride this tide in my life and keep YOU first!

Rebekah M.

One thought on “Riding the Tide

  1. I love this reminder that we’re to be a light everywhere! We can easily forget…
    And I pray God would continue to direct you as you put your future husband in God’s hands. Enjoy your current season in the meantime 🙂

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