Song of the Day: God of Second Chances

Below is a video of Carlos Whittaker who was filming a music video for his song “God of Second Chances.” While singing and playing his guitar a homeless man named Danny came up, kneeled down, and began to cry.  He eventually joined in and what followed was a beautiful moment in time. I saw this video on my friend’s facebook page and couldn’t help but be touched. So often we over look the homeless or widowed but this man is a reminder that beauty can be found even when we least expect it— and yet God sees us all.



Rebekah M.

9 thoughts on “Song of the Day: God of Second Chances

    • aww thank Alisa!!! God bless you!!!! We just try to write from our hearts… clearly we have been writing less often lately, but hopefully what words we do write still touches hearts and encourages

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