Song of the Day: Not Alone by Jamie Grace


So the work problem… for 10 weeks (8 of those straight) I had a  senior resident that was relentless. He yelled at me for things like not starting night rounding when HE wanted me to- even if I had reasons for holding off on them. Once a different senior trumped what I wanted to do, then when this senior found out what was eventually chosen he told me I was wrong to do so and then went around the table asking EVERYONE what I should have chosen… even to the guy who made me switch the medication. He didn’t stand up for me- he just let me be humiliated for a decision that was not my own. It was a daily event to feel as if everything I was doing was wrong- but I survived… so I thought.

To be honest, I have spent multiple sessions sobbing. At times I cannot seem to stop. I survived hell only to have the program sit me down and tell me there were concerns that I could be a senior resident… that I could graduate on time. I eventually learned it was that same resident who went to the faculty without ever speaking to me and told them all his concerns… and they never asked me my side of things.

I felt like one who had taken a brutal beating that practically required hospitalization and was then arrested for being beaten. I paid my dues, I shouldn’t be questioned anymore, I paid my debt.

Through all this though I feel God telling me to take up my crown as His royal daughter and stop the abuse. No one should be yelled at with the F-word used in the sentence. No one should be asked if they need help but then yelled at for saying yes.

For months the last song on my Jamie Grace CD wouldn’t work and then today it did! I felt God intimately whispering to my heart this thought- I’m not alone. He is by my side. Enjoy this assurance from Our Lord- Jesus Christ. You’re not alone.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Not Alone by Jamie Grace

  1. I have been reading James 1 a scripture that us very familiar. As I read your post I thought of it. In The Voice paraphrase it talks about enduring trails and there purpose. It might be encouraging to you. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  2. A big AMEN. I worked for about 11 years in nursing homes as a nursing assistant. I remember a resident who was particularly difficult. He was exacting and constantly telling me I was doing things wrong. He called me “stupid” and other names non-stop. At first, I didn’t take it from him. Things got worse for me. He complained to his daughter who, only hearing his side, pulled me aside & corrected me. I prayed about what to do. The Lord put different verses on my heart about Jesus laying down His life for us. So I began submitting to everything the resident said or did without complaining or resisting. Our relationship radically changed. We bonded, & I became his favorite aide & his daughter’s favorite aide. The resident eventually died but I have a great relationship with his daughter to this day. It was such a testimony to me of how powerful Christ’s love is. It has the power to change everything. God bless you!

    • Well… mine is kind of the opposite but similar situation… I did submit and all that I got for it was my attendings wondering if I can cut it as a senior resident based on the word of a guy who for some reason is out to ruin my life… but I feel God is trying to teach me how to better embrace the verse on loving our enemy and blessings those that curse us. We will see how He helps me play this out. I just pray His Will is done, and not my own human responses.

      • Yes, it’s awesome you are going with Jesus instead of self. However circumstances turn out, He will have accomplished something eternal in you 🙂 God bless!

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