Thank You Mothers

As I recently posted, it was prayers and words from my mom and dad that broke me free from the darkest cloud of despair I have ever been in.


You have SO much power to breathe life into your child’s heart. I was so broken and beat down from the world but through prayer and telling me words that I so desperately needed to hear (“you are beautiful from the inside out, you are smart, you are compassionate, you are of worth”) God used my mom to fix me in a way that so many other could not do. Over the years she has taught me SO much and done so much for me, but even to this day she still influences me for the better. I know she daily reads her bible and prays. I know that she uplifts me to Jesus who is my savior and protects me. I know that one day, should I be so blessed, I hope to be as strong a Godly example to my kids as she is to me. Wise, strong, beautiful from the inside out, and SO very smart- my mom embodies who I strive to be. The most important key though is that she knows these gifts are from God. She relies on Him for her strength; He gives her beauty; He has made her wise.

May you all also pass down a beautiful legacy to your children. Most importantly, if you don’t feel you have or feel inadequate for the task- know that there is a God who is full of all wisdom and strength. Know that no mother is perfect and you don’t have to be either. Jesus takes our mistakes and bad things in our lives and can turn them around for good (Romans 8:28).

God bless all you mothers,

Rebekah M.

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