Freedom from Harassment

For the past two years I have been dealing with blatant sexual harassment from a co-worker. It started when this man asked me out on a date. He was a pastor of a denomination similar to mine and had always been very friendly with me. Although not well known by the English speakers in my company, he was highly respected among the Hispanic employees (He is Latin American) and I was intrigued by him. I agreed to the date.

We had a nice time and I readily agreed to a second date. I began to wonder if it might be God’s plan for us to partner together for the work of the Kingdom. I wanted him to be the one, but I couldn’t shake this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something just wasn’t right. It was after the fourth date that I found out that he is married! He never wore a ring and had never mentioned a wife so I really had no idea. This was not even a case of him being separated, he is a fully married man! Obviously, that was the end for me.

But it was not the end. Not for him. Not by a long shot.

He refused to accept that I was no longer interested in him. He refused to back down. He would not leave me alone. He would beg me to give him a chance. He would come to my office and tell me the explicit things he fantasized about doing with me. He would tell me that I was in his heart and mind. He would plead with me to have sex with him “just one time. Just one time, por favor.”

Suddenly the man who had always seemed so friendly became aggressive and frightening. It didn’t matter how many times I said no, he wouldn’t stop. He began purposely trying to intimidate me. He would block my exit from my office. He would follow me into the women’s restroom. He would be waiting at my car when I tried to leave for the day. If I wrote all of the things he said and did over the last two years, you would be amazed (and perhaps judgmental) about the fact that I did not do more to stop it. For a while I was paralyzed by it. It was scary to me. I didn’t know how to handle it.

I determined in my heart that I didn’t want to be the reason that this man lost his job. He has a family to support. I kept praying that God would have mercy on him and grant him a heart of repentance. I prayed that he would get a revelation of God that would change his behavior. When things didn’t seem to change I began to pray that God would get this man away from me. I didn’t really care how it happened; I just wanted it to happen. I prayed he would repent and leave me alone. When it seemed he wasn’t going to do that I prayed he would transfer to another location in our company. When that didn’t happen I prayed he would find another job or quit. I just kept praying for God to get him away from me.

It took a while, but eventually I began to see things differently. God helped me to fight the battle spiritually. He helped me to recognize that this man is under the influence of Satan and he needs deliverance. He never changed his behavior, but the effect it had on me changed. I stopped being afraid. I stopped letting it linger in my mind. I just kept giving it to God. Somewhere along the way, the peace of God began to replace the negative thoughts and feelings I had. I began to focus all my prayers on his soul. He is a man who is spiritually in a very dangerous place.

Yesterday I got notice that this man is being laid off. Finally, he will be away from me. I pray that he is able to find another job quickly, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I feel relief. I find it interesting that it wasn’t until I found peace in the situation that the answer to my prayer came. I’m not saying that he is being laid off because of my prayers, but it is an answer to my prayer. I could have had him fired a long time ago, but I didn’t want to be personally responsible for him losing his income.

I have mixed feelings about this. I rejoice in my deliverance, but I grieve for his continued bondage. I pray that he does not become a problem for someone else. May God have mercy on his soul.

Have you ever experienced something like this in your walk with God?

In His Love,
Rebekah L.

3 thoughts on “Freedom from Harassment

  1. I haven’t personally experienced something like this but sadly it’s far too common a thing in the church. The problem is sooner or later he WILL do it again to someone else, and will keep on doing it until his actions are exposed to the light. And his being a pastor means some innocent person’s faith will be jeopardized by his actions. I’m not sure who you might report his behavior to but at the very least I want to encourage you to speak with your own pastor about it and ask for his advice on how to handle it.

    • Yes, I have thought a lot about these things. I have many reasons for not going to my employer about it that I didn’t have time, space, or energy to expound upon in this post, but it may be prudent to go to an elder in the church about it. That being said, this man is no longer a pastor. He was when I first met him, but he has all but walked away from the faith at this point. It is a sad situation indeed, but I take some comfort that he is not in a position of leadership at this time. Thanks for your thoughts. God Bless.

  2. This comes from a guys point of view ( being one). My job involves working closely with human resources and from time to time we deal with situations like this.
    I appreciate your concern for this mans financial and spiritual well-being but I also know that one if the reasons this us so prevalent in the work place is because most of the time incidents like these go unreported.
    I would be very surprised if this is the first time he has engaged in behavior like these, many men like this are sexual predators and their objective follows those desires.
    Things may not get better because he is no longer employed at your work. Does he have your phone number, know where you live?
    One of the women I work with went through an experience like you describe and months later even after he quit where she is employed he still calls, sends flowers will not leave her alone. My advice to her and to you was to warn him to stay away one final time and to let him know if he continues the harassment you will get the police involved.
    I am not trying to scare you but many times serious sexual crimes start this way.
    This man had no respect for his wife his family or you. The fact that he was in ministry and engaging in this type of behavior is described by Jesus as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.
    I hope this turns out well for you I would definitely report him at your work, and seek your pastors counsel.

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