God of Second Chances- Take Two

Barely over a week ago I was on a group on facebook and commented on a guy’s picture who was wearing a bowtie how “it takes a real man to be able to rock a bowtie.” He quickly friended me on facebook and began liking random pictures of mine- one even dating back to over a year and a half ago. So I sent him a message saying “you know, if you’re going to keep liking a girl’s pictures you should at least say hello.” Thus began what has quickly become one of the most important interactions in my days. I have no clue how this guy has SO quickly transformed how I go through my day, but he has.  If I could, I’d spend all day just talking to him- even better would be to spend all day WITH him. He is less than two hours from my brother in california and I can’t help but wonder if that is also a God thing since my heart longs more and more to be near my beautiful, wonderful, sweet nephew who is only 7 months now but such a bundle of joy.

The big thing though is that he is divorced.  I never in my life thought that I might even consider dating (or even potentially considering one day marrying) someone who was divorced but I surprisingly do not have any reservations about it. I think it helps that his ex-wife cheated, divorced him, and was married to the man she cheated in the same month the divorce was finalized, but I’ve said for years I don’t know if I could ever do that because I wouldn’t fully understand those scars. Yet when we speak, I see a man who attributes his healed heart to this amazing God of ours. We can talk about almost anything from comic book characters to star trek to deep thoughts on God.  When he talked to me last night on what God has been doing to heal him, I almost wanted to shout “I know exactly how you feel!!!”

In this all, I keep saying “If it is God’s Will…” and truly mean it.  I need God in this. I cannot make steps without Him. If this guy is sincere and truly wants to win my heart, he needs to keep with putting God first.

Regardless though, in all this I can’t help but feel like God wants to be the God of Second Chances to this sweet man- whether with or without me in his life… enjoy the song (even if you’ve seen in on here before, it’s still touching)

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