The Blessing of Being Me

In this time of  giving thanks I cannot help but write this post (from my phone so forgive any errors)  about my recent blessing of the new man in my life. 

To be honest,  this is the first time that when I write about a guy in my life,  I feel the most appropriate way to say it is using the term man. He has been through so much and yet has no bitterness and no unhealed wounds (son with spina bifida which causes him to not be able to walk and had had multiple surgeries in his short life already and divorce because his wife cheated on him and then remarried to the guy she cheated with the very month the divorce was finalized despite him truly fighting for their marriage for months until God told him she’d never change her mind).  He attributes it to God.  I hold him up to the list that my brother and sister in law encouraged me to make and it still stands (although it is still VERY early I will admit). 

The big thing though,  what I like the most,  is that I feel SO free to be my favorite version of me.  With work friends I might seem tougher or with world friends I might mention God but not have the luxury of expounding on the things of God as much and stick to common topics .  With this guy however,  I can be every favorite part of myself and I feel he not only likes it,  but cherishes it.  He even calls me “little ninja”  (a personal joke that many tolerate but it feels like he embraces it).  I have never in my life felt this pursued and comfortable.  He quotes back scripture to me like how I do him,  he  and I had a discussion on football and he liked that! (a previous boyfriend had told me he hated my  “guy side”),  he tells me often that I’m beautiful,  gorgeous,  amazing from the inside out  and I believe he means it! 

Time will tell if this lasts longer.  God will either remove him from my life to protect one,  the other,  or both of us  or…  He’ll  say it’s okay.  He won’t stop what is happening if this is His Will and boy,  at this point I sure do hope so because I would be so blessed beyond measure if I could end up with a man who does what this man has been doing –  making me feel even more happy and assured of who I am –  that all the little bits of me can be  appreciated by one person.  Someone who is gentle,  sweet,  Godly,  a servants heart,  and works to make me smile.  He works hard to make ends meet by working three jobs and he doesn’t even care that some may find at least one of them a job that some might find  degrading (dishwasher at a restaurant).  It shows such humbleness and assurance that his worth is in Christ- which is what I need in a man given that I’m a doctor and likely will make more money than many males in general. 

So Jesus, 
While some are thankful for other things,  among the  MANY  things I am thankful for,  I thank you for this blessing of a man who allows me to be the most happy,  full,  free  version of me.  One who can randomly sing a church song to match the conversation,  who send scriptures of encouragement and it’s received gratefully,  who can chat football /comic books /video games  and its  considered awesome,  who can show her love and devotion for You and it is found to make her even more beautiful in his eyes.

Thank You Jesus, 
Rebekah M

One thought on “The Blessing of Being Me

  1. this post has made me very aware that god cherish is the love from one person to another i myself had god put a man in my life after being on my own for 11 years and he is all of the above that you mentioned and i pray the same for my daughter melissa who would love a man that god has for her you are such a blessing and i pray you have an awesome christmas and know that god has your life in the palm of his hand and that he will open and closed doors for you as he is done for me god bless you heaps elizabeth

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