Song of the Day: Hold Me Together by Royal Taylor Band

As I was driving home earlier today after my night shift (6PM-8AM) at the hospital I heard this song and I just started crying, thanking God for holding me together. With what happened this past weekend with guy I had felt more strongly than ever that regardless of what happened with this man, our God has promised me He is holding my heart and will only give it if he proves worthy. The security that can be found in Christ is SO powerful and wonderful.  I cannot express my gratefulness to how much He has held me together in the bad days but even more importantly how He can make it so that we can face life fearless.

When my man and I first started talking the amazing part was that we felt the other made us fearless- to share our deep secrets, to share our hopes and dreams, to share our worst moments in life that we’ve dealt with in the past.  Lately though, God has shown me that it is only in Him that a sustained feeling of fearlessness can happen.

Jesus is what makes me fearless.

Jesus is what makes it possible for me to bask in this man’s love without fear of the future- not because I am assured of his love forever, but because I am assured of GOD’S love forever.  So whether he leaves me or stays and wins my heart forever, my God makes it possible for me to feel safe and secure in this time of discovering God’s will for us both.

Thank You Jesus for holding me together and being the security that makes it possible for me to live fearless in You.

Rebekah M.

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