The Wave is Coming

There is an excitement in my soul. I cannot begin to express it all. The complete truth of what is about to unfold I just… I can’t wrap my mind around everything… all I know is that I feel an urging in God to believe that He is my God of hope. He is coming in power as He promised. He will honor everything I have sacrificed. He will honor my heart that beats for Him. He will wash everything away so greatly I will stand in awe as the work of His hands.


Do it oh God! Do what ever it is you desire! Let my life just be yours! Jesus… let every one of my preconceived ideas wash away as YOU make my life what it should be! Help wash off scales from my eyes. Help me be whatever you want for me and be with whomever You choose for me. I will go with Eleazar if you send him.

Rebekah M.

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