Lover of God

Tonight I went to church youth conference service and God dealt with me. I have been putting stupid little things like phone games above God. I spent more time on them than in prayer/reading the Bible. I wake up every morning at five am to read and pray and yet still, I spent more time on those things. There is also a sin that I have struggled with for years. Lately I’ve been praying it more and more out of my life asking God to help me but tonight, I laid it on the “alter” and do not want it back. I asked God to clean my heart out completely so that He could fill it up so much that I overflow. I want to be a wellspring for Him. I want Him to be the thing I want most and show it in how I spend my time. I want Him to be number one in my life.

Putting Him first, making Him my most,
Rebekah M.

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