A First

I’ve been told by more than one person in my past that not kissing is a deal breaker.  That no guy would date me since I have a conviction against kissing before the alter. 

Then…  Tonight. 

I met this guy at my brother’s church a year ago and have been interested in him since but nothing came of it.  We hung out Saturday in San Francisco and again tonight.  After eating dinner with everyone he took me back to my brothers place and we talked.  I told him I liked him and thought he liked me too…  Which he agreed. Then I confessed that I can’t kiss. 

At first he was confused.  We weren’t officially dating so yeah,  we shouldn’t be kissing while getting to know each other.  Then he asked me since he wasn’t trying to get anything from me so why would he disappear (when I kept asking if he was going to disappear now that I confessed my conviction)? It finally dawned on me he was saying that he was trying to get to know ME not my physical body,  but ME so even if I can’t kiss until “things are much more serious” (his words) he’s okay with that.  If anything he seemed to like that! 

Even if this ends up being nothing,  I’m thankful.  I actually almost started crying on him right then and there.  Someone like him exists! IN THE CHURCH!  He’s real folks and for now,  we’re both on the same page of getting to know one another better!  🙂 

Pleasantly,  thankful to God to be,  surprised, 

Rebekah M. 

4 thoughts on “A First

  1. Go Rebekah! Wonderful! Though I can understand the awkward moment that no doubt occurred, what a blessing to have the colours nailed to the mast and to now guide you through the waters that lie ahead. God bless you!

    • It will likely be a while! I live in the east coast and he lives here in California. I plan to move here in July but that’s a long time from here. Time will tell what he does. If he continues to seek opportunisties to get to know me even when we cannot meet face to face. I want to believe yes but only his actual actions will prove it.

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