My heart

The pain.

The brokenness.

I miss you so badly.

Why did you walk away instead of choose faith and handing your life over to Him completely.

He doesn’t ask more from us than we can give. He just asks what we can and he provides the rest- even faith.

“Help thou my unbelief” is a prayer He not only hears, but answers in ample supply.

Why did you walk away my love instead if trying to boldly walk together in Him?


Hear my heart’s cry. I still love Him. Surround him with your love and if he’s the one, open his eyes to see all that You promise to those who are chosen, for they have chosen to give you their all. But heal me in the mean time and prepare me for whomever you have, one eventually willing to say “whatever You ask of me, Lord.”

Still so broken in Him,

Rebekah M.

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