Our Stories

Rebekah M. – Through God I am living my lifelong dream of being a doctor.  During one of the most emotionally taxing times of my life, I buried myself in God.  Jesus has never been so real to me and through it all He started developing in me a call to be like Rebekah.  This young woman was going about her Father’s business of daily chores and a stranger approached her and asked for water.  She not only gives him water to drink, but then enthusiastically waters his thirsty camels! I’ve read that it most likely took GALLONS of water to have satisfied them and yet she did it happily- representing her father in excellence of spirit and hospitality.  The reward for her efforts was to marry a man who adored her and eventually be part of the lineage of Christ Himself!  It is now the drive in my life to strive to go above and beyond in all that I do so that I too can represent my Father well and, whether in this life or the next, I know I’ll be rewarded.

Rebekah A. – As a child, God was my buddy. I said my prayers at night, and as long as they weren’t destructive they always seemed to come true. I said a prayer on the way to soccer tryouts, and never got  of God completely. cut from a team. The only problem was, I didn’t notice. I’d pray, but then I’d keep the success for myself instead of thanking Him. As the years passed, I lost sight. I was disillusioned with my church, so much so that I stopped going, and even doubted His existence for awhile. I spent about a year and a half as a full-fledged agnostic. After a few tough years emotionally, I was ready to try Him out again, and He was there to welcome me back with no condemnation whatsoever.  He led me to a new church, and has spent the past couple years completely transforming my heart. He has redefined Christianity for me, and redefined Himself in my life. I used to doubt Him; now, I want to live a life in His service. My relationship with Him is a journey, and He has been there for every step of it – whether I wanted Him there or not! As 2011 came to a close, I moved to a new home in a new city, with no job lined up yet and nobody I knew. It’s been a big adjustment, but I know God has a plan for me here. Whether you have an intimate relationship with Christ, or whether you’re just not too sure about this Jesus thing, I welcome you to join us and be part of whatever comes our way. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Feel free to contact me at  being.rebekah.a@gmail.com! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Rebekah L. – There are moments in our relationship with God where everything is perfectly clear. His will, His perfect love, His Grace; all of it succinctly in focus. There are other times where we stumble along in the fog searching for His presence, straining to hear His voice, full of doubts and wondering if we had ever seen clearly. The amazing thing is that He is always there. He is there in the triumph and in our failures. He is there in the battle and in the victory. He is there in the midst of our storms and He is the peace when it is still. Learning to trust Him, walk with Him, and serve Him in every circumstance is part of the growth of every Christian. Rebekah served the Lord when she gave Abraham’s servant water to drink. Rebekah served the Lord when she gave his camels water to drink. She served the Lord by recognizing His voice and following His lead. She did not allow fear or doubt to stop her. She gave more than was expected of her with a godly, giving spirit. It is my desire to emulate these qualities. The more I incorporate them into my walk with Him, the more of Himself He reveals to me, and the more I fall in love with Him. The deeper I fall in love with Him, the greater my desire to serve Him, and the more of Himself He reveals to me! What a journey to be on!

Some of you may have noticed Rebekah B. on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BeingRebekah, she is still working on her own introduction but she has kindly offered to help add content to our FB page when God inspires her 🙂


16 thoughts on “Our Stories

  1. Rebekah L. stopped by and liked my last post and followed us – I followed her link here and I’m so glad I did! What a blessing! I’ve been blessed by what I’ve read here and I hope to continue to visit.
    Keep pressing!


  2. Hi Rebekah(s)! Thank you for being my first reader – obviously God led us to each other and I hope we can learn about our blessings together as I start my testimonies. Thank you for giving insight and light; YOU are blessings! With prayers of thanks and kindness, The Blessed Ewe (Lisa)

  3. I love your (as in multiple people since their is no plural for the word “you”…no matter how many people want to pluralize it) posts, and thank you so much for following and liking this blog. My personal life goal is to in short- change the world. I truly believe the more people who work towards changing their little spot in the globe, the more little spots will become better. If we all change our little spots, we change the world…wooo hoo!!! These posts, this blog, and all the things you are saying…is helping more people to see the world as a better place, and thereby seeing that there is more good int he world than not! Thank You!

  4. I believe I stumbled across your blog a little while ago. Recently you followed my blog. I just wanted to say that from my heart, I’m so glad to have found you. I love your prayers and your God given grace. I have been looking into finding a lovely Christian blog written by women. I am now looking forward to reading your next post. Thank you so much.!!

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  6. What a great site. It must be fun to work together. I enjoyed reading your stories and especially like your mission statement. Isn’t this a fantastic opportunity to go to all the world and make disciples?

  7. Hi Rebeka(s)!! I am really touched by the name of your blog and find it even more significant that there are 3 of you 🙂 May others be blessed by your posts.Many blessings.

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