Calling All Prayer Warriors

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” ~Matthew 17:20-21

“Jesus I come before you in my brokenness and my shame.”

“This guy told me to purge myself.”

“Can God help me get out of prostitution?”

“Why am I soo insecure, Jesus heal me.”

“Purging gives me a high.”

When we first started to blog, we kept the whole thing anonymous. We didn’t tell many of our friends, we didn’t advertise, and we even kept our real names out of it. We completely gave it to God to grow. And He has been faithful. We’ve had over 18,000 readers, and are up to almost 100 followers. We are incredibly blessed that so many of our readers are such strong and faithful Christians…and it’s you who I’m calling on today.

The other thing about our blog is that we can see, to a point, who is reading us. I personally get a kick out of looking at all the different countries where Being Rebekah was read – and we’ve been read in over 100 of them! We can also see search engine terms. Phrases that people google that for some ordained and beautiful reason lead them to us. I haven’t always paid attention to them, but I was talking to Rebekah L about it recently and it seemed worthwhile to really read some of them.  Some warmed my heart, and others broke it. The ones I quoted above are the ones that moved me the most, the ones who stood out to me as needing prayer. And I ask you to join me.

We cover our blog in prayer typically. We pray over what we write, often we zone out and let God write, and we pray over the readers and for God to send anybody our way who might see His words through us. Be it a kindred spirit in Christ, or someone who needs to meet Jesus for the first time, we pray for them.

And today I pray for the people who searched those terms. I pray that whoever said “Jesus I come before you in my brokenness and my shame” finds strength and healing in their submission. I pray that he or she draws even closer to the Lord in this time, and they are made anew by His unending mercy and grace.

I pray for whoever searched “This guy told me to purge myself”, “purging gives me a high”, and “why am I soo insecure, Jesus heal me” found answers, and that the answers have told them they are beautiful. I pray they know their self-worth comes from somewhere so much higher than that, and that they know they have been perfectly, wonderfully made. If they doesn’t know that already, I pray they find out and find the peace and love of God in that realization.

To the one who sat at their computer asking “Can God help me get out of prostitution?”, I hope you found that the answer is yes. Yes, He can save you, free you, and heal you from all past hurt and shame. Your worth is not tied into your activities or circumstances. You have an inherent, priceless value. And God, the one you asked to help you, is completely in love with who you are. There is a love beyond what you can get and give with your body, and He is there waiting to give it to you. He loves you now. You just need to let Him.

My heart goes out to them all, and to everyone who finds us under such circumstances. I ask you to join me in prayer for them and praise that they were led to a Christian blog. And for you bloggers, I’m sure you see similar things. Let me know who has crossed your path or come to your blog and I can join you in prayer too. I know we don’t personally know each other, we aren’t personal friends. But we are brothers and sisters under Christ, and there are no coincidences. God sends us our readers for a reason. And our biggest power comes when we join together in prayer and praise. So join me in prayer. Join me in praise. And let me know how I can be praying along with you too!

And if you are finding yourself in a tough situation right now, facing a storm of any kind, please let me know so I can pray for you specifically. Comment here or write to me at

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for banding together with me, and God bless!

~Rebekah A




Finding My Church

Before moving to NY, I was part of a non-denominational Christian church. Our doctrine? The Bible. It was common for church-goers to have a weekly fast day, and come every week with visions, dreams, revelations from God. Bible studies, a 24-hr prayer room, and prayer meetings throughout the week abounded. Some even lived in special houses together, as a way to live intentionally for Christ and witness to others they came in contact with. These people lived for Christ and Christ alone, and He led us to do some really amazing things.

I haven’t found that same combination of spirituality, passion for Jesus, and sense of community/family anywhere since moving. I did find a church whose preaching I love, and I still listen to it in my free time, but it was so big that you could go every week and never see the same person twice. I found one that was smaller and has great outreach and a sense of community, but I have been questioning the spiritual strength. I get the impression that if I were walking down the street with other churchgoers, and felt called to pray for someone that we passed, they might not join me with it. And talking about a fast day, for no reason other than to strengthen my own walk, seems to be a foreign idea. But it could also be a sign that I could be a leader here.

I reached out to my new pastor with an email and a prayer request….just something I was looking for wisdom on. And he replied immediately, with a “I’ll keep it in my prayers”. And at first glance, that’s great. But for some reason, the quick response bothered me. I was sort of hoping He’d spend some time with God before replying. I was going to him with some pretty intense things – signs and visions from my old church, and I wanted his take or some extra wisdom on it. It was almost enough to make me decide that maybe this isn’t my church home after all.

However, to be fair, the advice I sought was based on a few things that are tough to grasp at best, let alone when you’re hearing the story as a third party. Meanwhile I joined a small group there, called a growth group, which keeps me there til Christmas. I’m praying in that time that things have a chance to play out and I get some guidance on where I’m supposed to be!

In the meantime, be praying for me that I hear God’s guidance clearly!

Thanks, and God bless!

~Rebekah A

Love Is Kind

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-6

A few months ago, God was really emphasizing this verse to me. He called me to a Love Project of sorts – really looking at each aspect of what love is, and bringing my walk into submission with it. I got as far as “love is patient”, and have since realized just how impatient I really am! Learning to walk in true patience has been eye-opening, difficult, and amazing.

Lately, though, I’ve been feeling called to the next part of the verse: love is kind. I’ve been noticing something about myself: I’m a jerk. I have a problem with this person because they’re too abrasive; I have a problem with this other person because they try too hard to be funny and make jokes that are actually kind of rude. Sometimes I find myself distancing myself from somebody on the subway or walking down the street based solely on their appearance (and sometimes their smell).

This is expected and human. But not Godly. Jesus’ kindness was not conditional and wasn’t based on anything superficial. There was no such thing as “I love you but I don’t like you much”. That’s a mindset developed by the world, embraced by the world, and totally against what Jesus stood for. He walked with a level of deep compassion towards people that transcended their earthly qualities.

For me, tapping into the level of kindness required to walk with God’s heart towards people means taking my thoughts captive – those initial, judgemental reactions I have towards people need to go away. I need to catch them, submit them, and pray for Jesus to give me a new, less jerkish heart. There is no way that I can be spiritually prepared for anything if I’m harboring the judgements in my heart that I currently have.

As my friend Rebekah L said though, awareness is the beginning of change. So, Love Project Part 2 begins today. I would encourage you all to join me, and look at your daily interactions. Do they embody the kindness mentioned in this passage? Towards everyone? If so, you’re farther along than I and that is awesome. If not, feel free to join me in making a change!

God bless!

~Rebekah A

Ready For…..?

We humans are in a perpetual state of preparation. We wake up in the morning and we start to prepare ourselves for the day: we get dressed, do our hair and makeup (unless you’re me, in which case makeup is reserved for special occasions and hair is thrown up into a ponytail on the way downstairs, but I digress), eat breakfast, brush our teeth. If we have families, we prepare them for the day also. We run errands in preparation for household tasks. We cook in preparation to eat. We budget and have savings accounts in preparation for retirement/emergencies/new things. Whether it be for a long-term or short-term goal, we are constantly getting ready for things here on earth. The problem is, our lives consist of more than just things that happen on earth. There is a spiritual realm too, and our lives are very much a part of it. But what do we do to prepare ourselves spiritually?

When we think ‘spiritual’, we tend to think long-term. We think of going to heaven, or of a vague image of Jesus watching over us. We might also think of praying and having God answer our prayers. And yes, that encompasses a lot – praying for ourselves and for others is a huge part of our spiritual lives. However, when it comes down to it, so many of our physical acts have some bearing on the spiritual realm. And when you think of how much preparation those physical acts take, it starts to become clear how much our spiritual preparation is lacking.

I’ve posted before about how every second of the day, we are serving something. Is every second of the day serving God? And if not, who or what are you serving instead? These minute-by-minute choices absolutely ricochet into the spiritual realm. We are spiritual beings eternally, while our flesh only lasts a short time. Our body is merely an extension of our spiritual selves. And our every physical thought and interaction has some significance in the spirit. Are we truly prepared for that? How much time do we spend listening to God in the morning for some direction on our day? For some guidance on a situation that’s either here already or is coming our way? How much time do we spend in His word, using it as a mirror so that we may live rightly and store up treasures in heaven? Do we spend time fasting so that even our physical selves and physical world can draw closer to Him?

We need to start preparing for our days spiritually as well as physically. If that means waking up a little early to spend time with Jesus before you start your day, or foregoing the music on the way to work so you can pray, do it. Find a way to spend that time with the Lord, much the way you spend time on yourself. Spend time with Him and get yourself ready to be a true vessel of Christ, a true member of the body, in everything that you do.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

Suspect A Trap (When Sadness Creeps In Part 2)

In continuing my current trend of adding to (mooching from?) the posts of my fellow blog writers (as opposed to sharing original thoughts), yesterday I read Rebekah L’s post When Sadness Creeps In. Then I proceeded to text her with my every opinion on the topic. Through her replies and our discussion, God revealed even more. This resulted in two things: 1) a serious need for a better text plan; and 2) a reason to rejoice in the Lord all over again.

As I was reading it, I relived my own struggle with depression, and how my ability to cope with it is directly tied in to my spiritual walk. I also realized that I know of two kinds of sadness in the Bible. The first is the sort one would feel after having a bad day or being hurt by somebody. The second is a more pervasive, weighty sorrow that I associate more with true depression. Yes, it existed. But one thing I’ve noticed is, depression in the Bible does not usually stand alone. Usually, depression goes hand in hand with a time of intercession.

The more I thought about it and went to God with it, the more it just started to make sense. Someone whose heart has been bruised and battered, who has felt pervasive sadness and pain and loss, can look at someone who’s lost and relate to them. Showing Jesus that person becomes less about talking at them about who Jesus is and what they should do to get closer to Him, and more just connecting with their heart. Someone who has been both enveloped by depression and enveloped by the peace of Jesus Christ can reach a lost person on such a deeper level. They can look at this lost person, see where they’re at, and join them there in love – because they know that place. They can also look ahead to where Jesus is; they can see the road that needs to be traveled and the light at the end of the tunnel. Someone in the midst of deep pain can’t necessarily see a way out of it. But someone who has been through it can. And that someone can bridge the gap on such a deeper level than somebody who doesn’t relate to the emotions being felt. That’s what deep intercessory prayer does – we stand in the gap for someone who needs a breakthrough of Jesus. And how much more heartfelt our prayers are when our compassion and love comes from a place of true understanding!

That is the way God would have us use our depression – as a way to draw closer to Him, more dependent on Him, and then ultimately, while He does protect us from our past He also uses it to make up the vessel we are. He is amazing that way – we may not be proud of where we’ve been, but He ensures that we didn’t go there for no reason, that our suffering wasn’t pointless. Thanks Jesus! This, in case you didn’t notice, is the reason to rejoice that I mentioned above. Having traveled the road we have and taken the hits we have, we can now be the exact vessel Jesus needs to use. Maybe someone whose vessel is shinier and less chipped isn’t right for this particular task. And Jesus knows that – He made each of us, after all. Our deepest, darkest moments turned out to be useful. Praise God!

This is why it’s really too bad that so many of us feel shame and guilt over our struggles. I believe this negativity is a lie from Satan himself. He reads our cues, multiplies our sorrow, and tries to turn it into a time of self-doubt and self-loathing. Often, he succeeds. Jesus would have this be a time to draw closer to Him, and instead we hide from Him. Jesus would have this be a time when we use our pain to relate to the pain of others so that we can love deeper and start to see with God’s heart. Satan would have this be a time to pity ourselves or get bogged down and chained by the weight.

So when sadness does come, please don’t hide. Besides, even if you do, Jesus still sees you. But He can’t help you unless you open your heart up to Him and let Him in. Transparency can be key here. When you feel ashamed by emotions, I implore you to suspect a trap. Find a friend you can confide in – yes, you open yourself up to judgement when you discuss yourself. But you also open yourself up to prayer and support, which gets you through it so much faster and grounds you again in your true identity as a servant of Christ.

My prayers are with you. If you’re struggling with something specific and want prayer for it, write to me at God bless!

~Rebekah A

“What Version of the Bible do you Read?”

(And why I hate the question)

Recently, a friend of mine asked me which version of the Bible I read. It’s a simple enough question and my friend had no ill intentions or hidden agenda when she asked it, but I have heard this question many times before and quite frequently the conversation that follows puts one or both parties on the defensive. There have been many impassioned discussions that have taken place and I have seen believers who should be building each other up, quickly begin tearing each other down over the subject.

The choosing of one version over another is a dividing line. It creates an “us” and “them”.

If you read the English language, you are blessed with many different versions of the Bible to choose from. A quick count of just the English translations available on reveals over twenty-five of them. This is a tremendous blessing that many of us take for granted. Often in my studies I will read the same verse in six or seven different versions.  When I do this, I usually come away with a greater, more well-rounded understanding of the verse than if I had read it in my favorite version only.

But there are pitfalls to having so many versions available. It is my belief that the enemy of our souls has found a way to pervert a blessing into a way to weaken the body. Satan’s plan is to steal, to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10). He has learned that if he can cause division in the body of Christ, he can keep us from operating in the power of the Holy Spirit. Beyond that, if he can get us to believe that our version is better than someone else’s version; he can encourage us to lift ourselves up over our brothers and sisters. Further, Satan can instill doubt in the Word of God. After all, if my version is better than your version, that means there is some inherent flaw in your translation. By reason, I should come to doubt that your version is even inspired of God. Then, I am faced with asking myself how I know for sure that my chosen version does not also contain some hidden flaw. Can we really trust the Bible at all?

Do not be deceived, the devil is trying to steal the Word from us, he is attempting to kill our faith, he is working to destroy the body!

That is not to say that there aren’t differences in translations; real differences that should be carefully considered when choosing a version to read from. We are talking about the Word of God so it should not be taken lightly. However, these considerations should not come at the expense of the unity of the body. Remember, the Word of God is a living Word; if you approach it prayerfully, God can speak to you through it regardless of minor translation differences.

Yes, there are books out there that are called “scripture” from cults and sects that are far from inspired. They may call themselves Christian, but in fact believe a number of unbiblical things. Let me be perfectly clear that I am not referring to any of these. There have also been Bibles printed that contained outright errors and fallacies. I am not referring to those either, but the Bible, no matter what translation you read teaches that Jesus is God incarnate. He alone was born for the purpose of becoming the ultimate sacrifice. He died to save us from our sins. He rose again on the third day and through Him we have the hope of eternal life. Christians everywhere are agreed on this no matter what translation they read. If they don’t believe this, they are not really Christian, regardless of what they call themselves.

Personally, I have versions of the bible that I prefer and versions that are not my favorite. I believe that I have solid, well researched reasons for these preferences. But those who are partial to the versions I don’t prefer also have reasons for their choices. But here’s the point: if you were to give me my least favorite translation of the Bible, I could still teach someone who Jesus is and why He came. I could still show someone the plan of salvation. I could still experience the spirit of God speaking to me through those words. His Words.

The reason we have so many arguments about what version to read is simply because we have so many versions to choose from. Consider the fact that most languages have only one translation of the Bible, two if they are very fortunate; and many languages only have a small portion of the Bible translated at all. Should we doubt that God can save those people since they are not reading your preferred version?

Satan will use whatever tool he can to divide us. Do not let the sacred Word of God be twisted this way. The Word is our offensive weapon, to be used to defeat Satan. Rather than squabble over it, let us be united in it! The Word of God is able to transcend time, language, and culture. We can have intelligent, sensitive, God honoring discussions about word choices and translations without displaying poor attitudes and judgment toward one another. God gave us His Word to teach, guide and edify us. Let’s put aside petty disagreements and use it to build each other up.

-Rebekah L

The Lord Fights Our Battles

So the latest update on my situation with that guy:
I replied by only sending the passage about A Virtuous Woman (Proverbs 31) and he replied by saying that was referring to being a wife and not a doctor. My frustration grew and I quickly prayed and gave it to God. As I continued to pray, I felt Him give me the verse “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord.” I told Jesus I would send it when the time was right. By the time I got on facebook again, it was the next day and he had sent another message. He said he realized the biggest problem was that my situation confused him and thus could not be the Will of God because God is not the God of confusion. I responded with only that verse that Jesus gave me during my prayer the night before.

His response was that surely, he wasn’t the only one confused by my situation. I told him he was and that God cares about even our professions because He wants to put us in the perfect place to be the most effect witness that we can be.

He has yet to respond.

Although part of me is relieved that I no longer am dealing with his accusations, part of me hopes that all this will be used by Jesus to show this guy that EVERYTHING can have a purpose when submitted to Jesus. I had said to him that I could be a witness both to those who hear my praises to Jesus for helping me on this hard path as well as to my patients who trust me with their health to point the way to Christ on a level that a stranger on the street could never do. I hope he takes that thought to heart. Jobs don’t have to just be a job- it can be a divine appointment.

Side note: I passed my exams and am now one year closer to completing medical school!! Thank You Jesus!! 🙂

Rebekah M.

Submitting It All

So I once again received yet another message from that same guy… this one read:

The Lord has already called us. We are called to the high calling of Christ. The Lord as he has stated in his word called us to be saints which is the highest calling there is. he wouldn’t call us to be something else. Being a saint of God is the most high calling there is and there is nothing else in the world that comes even close to that calling. If you are baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost he has already chosen our profession and that is to serve him and labor for him. He wouldn’t chose something else for us because he has already chosen for us what he wants us to do with our lives. There is no where in scripture does it say that the Lord chooses our worldly profession or careers because quite frankly he has already chosen us for his work.
Your choice of doing what you are doing with your life as you have stated yourself has interfered with your relationship with the Lord and the Lord is interested in the saving of our souls and he would not chose something for our lives as you have stated that would have any effect on that as you have stated. It would take us to a higher place in God and draw us nearer to him.
The scripture also says the woman is to be the keeper at home. Women are not to work outside the home. That is the man’s responsibility not the woman’s.
I say all this to say there is no way you are in the will of God. God is about saving souls and that’s it and doesn’t chose one to be a doctor, another to be a lawyer, or another to be a police officer. He has already chosen what he want’s us to do with our lives and it is our choice whether we do that or not and I say again he wouldn;t choose us to be even a doctor because what he has chosen for our lives already is far far greater than even being a doctor.

So in this guy’s mind a) God will not call people to be doctors- ever b) a woman should stay in the home and only the home

To these concepts my soul cries out:

a) we are all called for a purpose and yes it is to reach those who don’t know Jesus but we can also have “worldly professions” that God can use- Luke was a doctor! Paul was tent maker! JESUS HIMSELF WAS A CARPENTER! When you pray so much over something and ask Him to open or close the doors and believe with all your heart that He will do just that, than how can one deny God’s hand in their path? More than once I’ve asked Him to close this door if He wants and yet it stays open- even when others have tried to shut it!  In my book- God places us in the jobs that we’re at (when we actively seek Him to) for us to be in the ideal places to reach those that no one else can.

b) The bible DOES actually speak of a woman working outside the home… in Proverbs 31!!! It states she considers a field and buys it (and they didn’t have internet back then to do it virtually or even a telephone to call!). With her hands she plants a vineyard (last I knew, people don’t have a vineyard in their house)! If that doesn’t say she works… I’m not sure what does!

The thing that frustrates me the most, however, is the fact that this person who does not know me, has taken it upon himself to tell me I’m out of the will of God. But I need to just work on focusing on Jesus and my own walk with God and forget him as well as anyone else who thinks they have a right to judge me.

Jesus…. please help me! 

Rebekah M. 


And why behold you the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye? ~ Matthew 7:3

I recently was asked to testify at a church I was going to since it was my last service with them (another month another hospital). It was literally “okay, everyone sit down and will [Rebekah M] please give a testimony since it is your last service with us?” No time for preparation. And so I stumbled through trying to encourage others that I’ve found that as I struggle to keep God first, even when it’s 10PM at night and I’m realizing that it’s been hours since I last spoke with God, He’s still happy to hear from me.  I happened to mention that I don’t understand how people with families do this since I’m having a hard time as is.

This led one of the members of that church to message me and say that he felt it was my chosen profession that is causing this in my life. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently in medical school. Yes, it’s going to get harder before it gets easier, but when God sets something up in your life you dig in, grab His hand, and go along for the ride He’s taking you on. To try to tell a future doctor that it is the profession they have chosen that is taking them away from God and that it will only continually get worse when they themselves are NOT a doctor is incredibly frustrating to be on the receiving end of.

The biggest problem I have with what he has said to me is to continually refer to me becoming a doctor as “the profession you have chosen” when I took two years between college and medical school to figure out if I should even apply to medical school then, when I was applying I asked God to get me in if He wanted it.  Beyond that, when I was flying out of the city of my current medical school, I looked down and I said to God “Lord, if this is truly what You want for me, You know- I’d be stepping out in complete faith- no friends, no family, no church. I’d be completely reliant on You if You send me there.” Lo and behold, that was the school I ended up going to.  As He continued to bless me with passing tests when I knew I shouldn’t, and even helped me in a situation with a staff member, it continued to solidify in my heart that I am in His Will.  The churches I have had to visit because of being sent from hospital to hospital have always been His timing and I know His hand is on my life.

All that said, this only pushes me to solidify within myself to be mindful of how I think of others and their walk with Christ.  I must not judge others and their walk because I do not live their life.  I don’t know what God has and has not called them to.  I cannot say it is not the road God has for them.  Let us all keep in mind that we should be careful of judging others and their walk for only God knows what is in the heart and we should look at our own walk before looking at others.

Rebekah M. 

Unexpected Healing

Mark 11:23-26 “Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

As I looked for scriptures for my intended topic this scripture appeared. I knew that God wanted this connection but for anyone who’s been keeping up, you need to bear with me because I’m going to rehash some things for new readers.  

Back in December, my ex and I were on a “break” and I had been fasting for almost two weeks when in the middle of Sunday night service my faith welled within me and I said “mountain, be thou removed” with everything within me. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but the very next day around noon my ex changed his status on facebook to “single.”  The journey since then has been interesting and people who meet me in person often are surprised when they find out that I was almost engaged less than half a year ago and the way I found out my ex was done with me was via facebook (no text, email, call or anything… just one day saw that he was apparently now single without ever informing me that I was no longer in a relationship with a guy who supposedly had picked the ring out). In my heart I knew that God MUST be in it for never in my life did I feel such faith when saying that and I didn’t even specifically say WHAT mountain.. just commanded it and KNEW that it was gone.

Last night at Ladies’ Prayer, we gathered at the front and were asked to pray for healing for each other because there was great need.  As I began to pray, I had EVERY intention to pray for all the unknown needs when God’s love, forgiveness, and healing came flooding through.  The tears poured forth and I knew that I was healed.  Do I know all of the healing? No. But I know that God has healed me from my past relationship with my ex.  I’m ready now to start a new relationship with the right guy.  Tonight as I spoke with my roommate I was even able to talk about good memories about my ex but recognized that the man I THOUGHT I was dating was truly just a broken boy who needs to grow more in God before he’ll ever be ready to take on a wife.  God, however, isn’t going to allow me to be hurt repeatedly so He removed me from the situation for my own safety and sanity.

After my cousin committed suicide, my heart was so broken and hurt.  How could I know and love the God of this universe and yet my own cousin was in such despair that he jumped off a building? For months I lived in anguish- random things causing me to break down and cry. When I finally began to have true healing, I started being able to think on him and remember the good times like the last time I saw him- he, his little brother, and I played card games late into the night laughing and catching up.

I know I’m healed because although I don’t want to chase back after my ex, I know don’t even want to actively run away should that ever be an option.  I’ve given up on caring either way.  I’m leaving EVERY option up to God for who knows how He works?  I choose to allow God to be the Master of my now blank canvas to write whatever story He wants.  I am healed, unexpectedly, mercifully, wonderfully healed.


I thank You that You healed me even when I wasn’t seeking it.  I thank You that You said wait until April not for dating… but for me to finally be READY to date… by healing my heart completely on the last day of April! Lord, I am excited about the future You have in store for me. You know one of my desires in this world is to work side by side with a man as his wife and together- our prayers will shake the foundations because we know, love, and trust You.  Together, we will work in Your kingdom, planting the seeds You provide. Together we will build where You tell us, break down what You instruct us to, and LIVE for YOU.  I love You Jesus with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. 

Rebekah M.