Mission Statement

We are real girls, living real lives who simply strive to love Jesus with everything we have. It is our hope that as we chronicle how that love plays out in our daily activities, you are inspired to passionately follow after Christ as well.

Inspired by the story of Rebekah at the well (Genesis 24), we strive to shed light on all aspects of our Christian walk in an effort to draw even closer to Him and encourage others to do the same. Be it following where Jesus leads or simply loving others as we are loved by Him, we live and act mindfully to profit our Savior’s Kingdom. Our blog is hopefully a transparent window into our successes and failures and recounts the various revelations and blessings God gives us. We truly believe that we don’t type our posts alone, but are merely an extension of His hands that type the words and our deepest desire is to be used according to His perfect plan.

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15 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Thank you for having stoped by my blog. I have been blessed as well reading through your blog. We need to hear more of the Father’s voice if we are to live fulfilled lives. Many times when God speaks it dosen’t make sence at first, infact its like He speaks backwards in our ears. But they that trust Him even when it dosen’t make sence reap the benefifts of His blessings. Sister, I like the wisdom in your writing. I will be checking on you from time to time. Shalom and enjoy your trip ti China. I believe God has some serious work of evangelising the world for the chinese. But we first have to introduce them to Christ. Imagine just 10% of the chinese population becoming truely born again and what they can do. Go for it sister and stay blessed.

  2. Rebekah: Something for you to think of if somebody tries to make his religion superior to somebody else’s religion: Pope John The XXIII said to me: “The difference between a Catholic and a Baptist is the way one says Amen and the other says Amen.”

    • Hi Bobby, Rebekah L has actually blogged about this before and so have I. Of course there are doctrine differences within the different Christian denominations, but you are right – the way that church members are encouraged to live and act day-to-day is similar. When debate does come up, I pray before before I answer, and I try to let God give me the words to say in response. For me it’s not about arguing or having the last word; it’s about drawing even closer to God and letting Him use me so others can draw closer to Him too. God sees into everyone’s hearts in ways that we can’t hope to, and often He uses these points of debate to give true revelation of Himself. Sometimes I’m receiving the revelation; other times I’m bringing the message to someone else. Either way it’s pretty amazing! So for my part, I try to let Him move and try not to let my pride or any ‘heat of the moment’ comments get in His way. He knows best! 🙂

  3. Rebekah L, thanks for dropping by Sometimes Words Help.

    I think you guys have a fabulous mission and sure would like to guest-post about Rahab if you’re open. Meantime, I’m doing a February give-away about love, relationship and how it all comes back to the Lord. Do drop by at http://www.audreychin.com to get the free download and to share it with those walking the heart’s journey with you.

    In his name.

    • Hi Audrey, Thank you for your kind words. We are definitely open to guest-posts about Rahab or other fitting topics. Feel free to reblog any of our posts or if you would like to submit a post to be published on our blog, feel free to email it to: beingrebekah@outlook.com and we would be happy to consider it for an upcoming guest spot.

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